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Vital Coaching

Development, evaluation and implementation of a “Teach the Teacher” training module on “delivering bad news” within the Master-after-Master of Family Medicine, Flanders


01-2017 to 12-2019

Abstract project


Many recently graduated GPs feel badly prepared to communicate bad news conversations with patients in actual practice. The most essential part of the training of GP students in their Master years concern their two years on-the-job training within the practice of established GPs, also called GP trainers. However, the GP trainers where the GP trainees work (and learn in practice) for the three years of their specialization  often have not been trained themselves in bad news delivery and lack the necessary didactic skills for providing optimal support to the GP trainees. 


The aim of this study is to develop and evaluate a training module to improve the skills of GP trainers in coaching and guiding GP trainees when “delivering bad news” to patients.


This Vital Coaching Train-the-Trainer program is based on a model originally developed in the US for oncologists, and will be tested and evaluated before being fully implemented in the core curriculum of GP educators.


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Project group

Researcher: Else Gien Statema
Promotor: Lieve Van den Block
Supervisor: Aline De Vleminck