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PACE Impact

Impact and dissemination towards policy and practice

The PACE consortium aims to (1) develop a detailed “impact plan” ensuring the impact and dissemination of PACE on policy and decision-makers; (2) deliver tools and products based on study results, that can assist policy and decision-makers in making informed and evidence-based decisions regarding optimal palliative care for people living in long term care facilities, on a national and EU level.

Key drivers for change exist on different levels within the health and social care system: international, national, regional and local. Hence, change in this sector demands a complex approach of influence and dissemination to generate real and sustainable impact throughout Europe, targeting different groups – policy, practice, the academic community, and the general public – at different levels – internationally, nationally, regionally and locally. PACE will use general dissemination tools to reach these target audiences, as well as design tailored products or dissemination tools for the different audiences.